A QR code (quick response code) is a type of 2D bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone.

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In this procedure, known as portable labeling, the cell phone's proprietor focuses the telephone at a QR code and opens a scanner tag reader application which works in conjunction with the telephone's camera. The reader translates the code, which commonly contains a suggestion to take action, for example, a welcome to download a portable application, a connection to view a video or a SMS message welcoming the viewer to react to a survey. The telephone's proprietor can decide to follow up on the suggestion to take action or snap drop and disregard the welcome.

Static QR codes, the most widely recognized sort, are utilized to scatter data to the overall population. They are frequently shown in publicizing materials in the earth, (for example, boards and publications), on TV and in daily papers and magazines. The code's maker can track data about the quantity of times a code was checked and its related move made, alongside the seasons of outputs and the working arrangement of the gadgets that filtered it.

Dynamic QR codes (now and again alluded to as special QR codes) offer more usefulness. The proprietor can alter the code whenever and can focus on a particular individual for customized showcasing. Such codes can track more particular data, including the scanners names and email address, how often they examined the code and, in conjunction with following codes on a site, transformation rates.

The innovation for QR codes was created by Densa-Wave, a Toyota auxiliary. The codes were initially utilized for following stock.